About us

Teerachai group have companies under the group as follow;

Teerachai Steel Corporation Limited (TSC):

Teerachai Steel Corporation Limited is a professional to cut and import all kinds of steel. The company also represents the company directly from Thai Tinplate MFG Co., Ltd for Electrical Tin Plate (Tin plate) and Tin free for food packaging and general.

TSC also provide cutting steel and aluminum. We supply various sizes to serve high standard cutting requirement for meet the demand of plants can maker, packaging and general.

In addition, the company also imports - Hot Dip-Galvalume, or steel roof and steel framework (Metal Sheet), sheet steel finished wall (Metal Siding) to support the growth of modern construction in the near future as well.

Teerachai Warehouse Company Limited (TWC):

Teerachai Warehouse Company Ltd. is a specialized provider of deposit - a comprehensive rental inventory. The vast area over 35,000 square meters. We also provided safety, speed and accuracy in checking goods with inventory management tools with service facilities and maintain secure unit for 24 hours on warehouse

More than 30 years, we focused on safety and facilitation of the product. Like a slogan of us that "You are the one we care"

Bestland Company Limited (BLC):

Bestland Company Limited provides apartment service, swimming pool, and tennis courts. Buildings, shops and accommodations are located in a convenient location surrounding with the home garden environment through security and many facilities.

Nationwide Property Company Limited (NWC):

Nationwide Property Co., Ltd is a center of trading - rental property countrywide. We are concerned in the real estate in Teerachai group. We have land to suit all tastes, whether the land in Central, South and North as well as commercial buildings, dining center and condominiums. Now, we leave open for deposits, properties for sale to customers outside the Group.